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Anonymous said: Recently I lost my mother and I haven't been handling it too well, on top of that my two best friends haven't been acting like it, they make me feel as if they don't want to be friends anymore and have been acting weird. I feel like I'm lost and Idk what to do... At times I feel like suicide is the best option.. When I spoke out about this to my best friend she didn't act like she care, instead she threw everything I'd been doing wrong in my face.. Idk how much longer I can handle this stress

Hey friend. First off, I can’t even begin to express how sorry I am about your mom. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now and I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Secondly, friends can be the worst. I have a lot of friends that are sometimes the worst. People are selfish and people can be cruel when they’re only thinking about themselves. But if it’s not those friends you confide in, I promise that there are other people who care about you and who would be honored that you came to them for help. Lastly, if you’re ever thinking about suicide, here’s some things that have helped me: baths, sleeping on it, Netflix, talking to people, even just about petty things, engaging in hobbies, and you might not be religious, but I pray like, a lot. I was really depressed last semester and I’ve made praying a habit this year and I’m doing significantly better. Anyway, if you seriously ever need someone to talk to, please come off anon and we can talk or skype or whatever you want. I know that suicide can sound appealing in the moment, but a few hours, days, or maybe even weeks later, you’re going to think back on that time and be so relieved that you’re still here. I love you buddy.